You are the Light of The World


Cancer can strike anyone, at any age. 

This is Cameron. He is 25 years old and is battling testicular cancer.  Cameron has been involved with me in theatre for 14 years, first as a youth student, and now as a friend, and an adult.  Recently, Cameron had to step out of his role in our latest production of "Godspell" so he could battle this horrific and uninvited disease.  A cast of 19 quickly rallied.   We cried and prayed, but the biggest hero of all is Cameron. He remained strong, faithful and positive.  

I was inspired to paint this particular piece by blindfolding myself and laying down a background I could not see.  With a palette full of colors that I thoughtfully I picked, I trusted that the colors would blend together to create a bright and layered background.  

At first, I painted with a brush, but soon learned the best way to navigate the canvas was to use my hands as I could feel the empty areas of the surface. When I uncovered my eyes, I was so pleased with the beauty of what left my fingertips even though I could not see what I was doing.  Like Cameron, I was going on blind faith. Trusting the colors, the canvas and my hands, I painted uninhibited. 

As a Christian, we trust the path the Lord has laid before us.  Sometimes, we must walk without clear vision.  When we can finally see again, we are able to continue our journey with more clarity.   I finished the painting as I listened the song Cameron was supposed to sing in our musical, "You are the Light of the World."  

I presented the cast with prints of the painting, but the original went to Cameron.  He continues to inspire me every day.   His prognoisis is excellent and I know he will kick cancer's ass.  

I love you, Cameron!