Frequently Asked Questions

What about Shipping?
If you live in San Angelo I am happy to deliver or we can arrange pick up.  As for shipping outside of San Angelo, Mini Canvases and music series paintings do not have a shipping fee.  For  paintings larger than 12",  I will be in touch with shipping options after you purchase your painting.  Due to  differenes in weight and size, I do not include shipping in the price in  my online shopping cart. I have several options for shipping payment.  

If I am local, can do I need to use the online shopping cart?  
No! I am happy to work with you via email, messaging  (on FB or Instagram) or if you my personal number please feel free to shoot me a  text! 

How can I see more detailed photos?
First, I suggest going to the  "Shop the entire collection" which takes you to a more high definition  website.   This site has photos that allow you to zoom closer to the images. OR
Please email me at info@elenakentart.com if you have questions about my art. I know the quality of the photos from my shopping cart are not always crisp or large enough, so I am happy to send more photos, or meet with you about a certain piece.

Can I see how  it looks in my home before I purchase?
If you live in San Angelo, I am happy share it with you for up to a week before you make a decision. I undertand art can be a big purchase, and you should take your time making sure it's the just what you envisioned.  This option is only available for clients who live in the San Angelo market.  

Do you offer refunds?
All original artwork is a final sale.  Products purchased from Fine Art America (Prints and products) can be returned to their faciity and they will process the return. 

Do you  accept checks?
Due to a recent art scam attempt,  I am no longer accepting any checks for online sales. Personal or business checks are only accepted if I have a personal relationship with my client and know them well.  

What form of payment is acceptable?
I accept credit cards through the paypal button below, Venmo (@Elena-Kent) or cash.   Checks only accepted if I know you personally. 

If you have any further questions, please email me at info@elenakentart.com. 

*Tax is included

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