About Elena Kent



I am a mess.  That is to say my studio is an organized kind of chaos and there is paint everywhere.  And that makes me happy.  I am truly happy doing anything that involves creativity.  All kinds of art... music, theatre, visual, performing and everything in between.  To me, the greatest form of self awareness is expression.  Crying triggered by heartbreak is as valuable as a 10 minute belly laugh because it means your alive! Being alive is being a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend.  My family is the most fabulous aspect of my life.  My 23 year marriage and my 3 kids (17,20 and 21) bring me a wealth of colorful inspiration and ideas on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis. 

I belive art can be a FANTASTIC mess! 



Elena was born and raised in San Angelo, Texas,   She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The University of Texas at Austin.  Elena is the Founding Artistic Director of Be Theatre, the resident theatre company at San Angelo Performing Arts Center in San Angelo, Texas.    In addition to her Artistic Director job, she uses her background in art to design many of the show posters and logos for upcoming seasons at Be Theatre (www.betheatre.com).  She is also the marketing director and works with a wonderful team of artists to keep Be Theatre a vibrant part of the San Angelo performing arts scene. 

Elena grew up on the stage... often with a paintbrush in hand working on backdrops, murals and scenic design.  She has performed countless shows over the past 30 years, with favorite roles being Roxy Hart in Chicago and Mama Rose in Gypsy.   

In 2016, after her oldest son left for college, Elena began painting on canvas again after many years of setting that part of her passion aside to raise a family and work in theatre.  Now she is balancing all three jobs and spending most of her free time in the studio (her converted living room) showing her work in local venues.  In March of 2018,  Elena won "Best Interpretation" for her work called, "Monet would be jealous," which was featured at San Angelo Wine Bar and Gallery, Raw 1899’s spring show called Bloom.   In the summer of 2018, Ms. Kent had a 2 month solo show as her work was featured in Austin at the Topfer at Zach Theatre.  Also featured that summer were two of her pieces in the Raw 1899 show called, UnTamed.  

Most recently, Elena's work was again featured at Raw 1899 in their juried competition called, Bloom.  Her piece titled "Peonies, Please." won 1st place.

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Facebook: Elena Kent Art